My name is Pete Brunet. I’m a software engineer responsible for the architecture and development of accessibility platforms including defining software interfaces for those platforms. I am currently designing and implementing accessibility into JavaFX and OpenJDK for Windows and OS X.  Prior work was focused on IAccessible2 (aka IA2). Using IA2, application developers provide Assistive Technology (primarily screen readers) access to information about their application’s controls, widgets, and gadgets. IA2 is an extension to Microsoft’s MSAA and adds access to information not available via MSAA such as full information about a table, and the location of the caret in a text field. As lead of the IAccessible2 work group I am responsible for the continuing definition of IA2.  I also provide guidance to developers implementing IA2. IA2 is implemented in Firefox, Lotus Symphony, Eclipse, Adobe Acrobat/Reader, JAWS, Window-Eyes, and NVDA.

Please check out my resume. If you would like to discuss accessibility architectures or interfaces please get in touch.

peter.brunet @ oracle.com

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